Community Council

Our community council is made up of a group of young people (one representative from each class) and a small number of staff who meet on a half termly basis to discuss issues that are import to our young people and that have been suggested by them.

During a typical meeting we will discuss the ‘Article of the term’, what has changed since our last meeting, discuss any topics that are relevant at that time, there will be a chance to discuss items that have been raised in the half termly class meetings (which are usually held 1-2 weeks before the community council meeting) we will also discuss any achievements and news that can be reported on in the Bradstow Voice newsletter and there is a chance for any other comments.

Recent discussions have focused around new books for the library, drama opportunities and work experience opportunities.

Community Council Minutes : 22 Jun 2022

Community Council Minutes : 11 Mar 2021

Community Council Minutes : 11 Feb 2021

Community Council Minutes : 28 Oct 2020Community Council Minutes : 16 Mar 2020

Community Council Minutes : 18 Nov 2019

Community Council Minutes : 7 Oct 2019

Community Council Minutes : 22 July 2019

Community Council Minutes : 14 May 2019

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