Parents & Carers Group

Parents Group v4

  • Short workshops 30mins - 1 hour
  • Opportunities to be introduced to/meet with key members of staff
  • A family forum


Meetings will take place via Microsoft teams (click the link below to be directed to the install link.)

Microsoft teams logoAlternatively you can join a meeting in your web browser we recommend using Microsoft Edge for this where possible


Request an invitation to the group/meeting:

E-mail to request an invite    or

click here


Standing Meeting Agenda:

  • Introductions
  • Workshop
  • Family forum – Tracey and/or Penny


Meeting Schedule and themes

Date Time Workshop
15th September 2023 2pm Behaviour
28th September 2023 10am The school day and curriculum
12th October 2023 4pm Activities within the home
7th November 2023 2pm Colourful Semantics
20th November 2023 10am PHSE
5th December 2023 4pm FLOW of Life/ Independence Skill
11th January 2024 2pm Zones of regulation
26th January 2024 2pm Communication Aids
20th February 2024 10am E-Safety
7th March 2024 4pm Key working and Pupil Voice
30th April 2024 4pm Safeguarding
16th May 2024 10am Employment
11th June 2024 11am RRSA and Healthy School
27th June 2024 3pm OT and SALT – Strategies within the family home
10th July 2024 10am Future planning
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