The School Day

The children and young people arrive in the class at 9:30 each morning and are greeted and engaged by class staff with an array of activities which are designed to be preferred and shared development activities to start their day in a relaxed and participatory manner.

The young people then develop their daily schedules so that each young person is aware of the flow of learning throughout the day. The young people remain in school each day until 3.30 with a range of timetabled  holistic learning which is designed to focus on the development of each young person in key areas of learning, this is linked to both educational health and care plan outcomes as well as outcomes closely aligned with preparing for adulthood. 

The school has two departments:

Paul gorham2The Lower School (Up to 14 years) which is comprised of 3 classes. The assistant head of lower school is Paul Gorham.




Elliot blackmore 18oct2021The Upper School (14 – 19 years) is comprised of 6 classes. The assistant head of upper school is Elliot Blackmore.




In each class there is a designated teacher who oversees the educational, behavioral and communication provision for each young person assigned to the class.  In each class there are up to six Learning Support Assistants including a senior learning support assistant who support young people to access learning whilst developing interdependence under the direction of the class teacher.

Each class has a timetable which is differentiated to meet the needs of each young person with a focus on their holistic needs.  There are opportunities to engage in learning in a range of contexts around the school through the enhanced curriculum offer and through community based learning to ensure that learning is focused and transferable into adult life.


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