How We Teach : Multi-disciplinary Team

Multi-disciplinary Team

Bradstow School delivers therapeutic programmes through a multi-disciplinary approach. The multi-disciplinary team includes a range of professionals (teacher, support staff, home manager, speech and language therapist, occupational therapist, nurse and integrated therapy support team). The child’s parent/ carers are seen as an essential and integral member of this team.

Each member of this team has a valuable contribution to make in the identification aspirational outcomes for our learners, as well as the delivery of these across all areas of the curriculum and learning opportunities within our ’24 hour curriculum’.

Every young person is assessed by our therapy team and a range of approaches and teaching is delivered to ensure that a person centred and holistic programme is tailored to each individual needs. We recognise that every one of our learners is different and as such a range of different approaches and teaching are used to best meet their needs.

For further information about our speech and language and occupational therapy team and what programmes we deliver please click here.


Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS)

In addition to therapeutic and positive behaviour support provision Bradstow School are able to access CAMHS support for young people. 
CAMHS are a specialist NHS mental health service for children and young people.  They have specialist consultants and are able to offer assessments, diagnosis, treatment plans and support for young people who are experiencing difficulties with their emotions, behaviour or mental health.

The multi-disciplinary team (including the school nurse) at Bradstow School work closely with the CAMHS team for those young people who have identified needs that require this service and level of support. 


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