Intervention Statement

Intervention will be used to support young people who are not making expected progress in school. It is also used to support young people with Pupil Premium + (PP+) funding. Every young person in receipt of PP+ funding (even those making expected progress) will have 1:1 intervention as part of their learning journey each week. Targets are taken directly from SOLAR to encourage accelerated progress for these young people.

When class teachers submit their termly assessment, pupil progress is always monitored. Any young person who is in receipt of an action plan, therefore, not making expected progress in either reading, writing or phonics will receive an automatic referral to the intervention teacher. They will then receive a 15-30 minute (depending on the needs of each young person) x 12 weeks of intervention based support with focused planning and individualised targets.

The intervention teacher will then upload weekly evidence to SOLAR which teachers can use as part of their assessment in the next assessment period.

Impact of interventions are measured termly in line with the teacher assessments to ensure consistency across our assessment framework process.

Intervention Process Map

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