Bradstow is heavily involved in the transition process for all of young people coming into and leaving the school.

On enrollment

Bradstow School work in partnership with parents/ carers and any services linked with the young person during the enrollment process. Initially this is linked to a full assessment with the multi-disciplinary team based at Bradstow to determine whether Bradstow are able to meet a young person’s needs as well  multiple visits following this process to share information and begin building relationships.

Through discussion with parents/ carers and other services a transition plan is identified to support them into settling into Bradstow. This is individualised and may involve visits to the school as well as opportunities to meet key staff. The school also provides a range of resources to support the young person where appropriate such as social stories and visuals to develop their understanding of the process as much as possible.

Young people and parents/ carers are also involved with the decoration of their room and becoming familiar with the school setting at their own pace to ensure that a young person is at ease with the process.

Leaving School

This is a multi-agency approach whereby young people and parents, alongside professionals are gathered to begin deciding outcomes for a young person’s future. As the young people move through the school the transition plan becomes more focused with planning incorporated regarding living and possible education routes upon leaving school. Bradstow support parents/carers throughout the process.

Once a placement is identified  

Bradstow arranges for a transition meeting to take place with the new placement, parents/ carers and the social worker. This meeting details the arrangements for the young person which are individualised. Supportive strategies to support leaving Bradstow may include count down visual aids related to a moving date, social stories and a graduated move which enable the young person to settle into their new environment gradually fully supported by Bradstow staff who know the young person well. The new placement will also visit the young person and work alongside our staff over several weeks to build relationships with the young person and become familiar with them.
Once young people have moved on Bradstow makes regular contact during the initial months to discuss how they are settling in. If any difficulties are experienced Bradstow are always on hand to offer support whether this be related to providing further communication aids, behavioural support or further staff visits to share good practice.

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