Every child or young person within the school has their own wiki.

A Brief Introduction To Wikis: PresentationWhat's In A Wiki : Presentation

What is a wiki?

A wiki is a personal website that uses pictures, words, video and sound to capture the lives of the young people.  This secure and interactive interface allows young people, parents/carers and all invited professionals to share information.

The young people take ownership of their own wiki and are able to share key aspects such as their daily lives, likes and aspirations in one place.  Parents/carers and professionals can also share achievements and key information to empower them to be part of the processes such as the education, healthcare planning and transition planning.

The power of videos and photos on a young persons wiki supports them to summarise and be part of their own planning and supports them to share information abut themselves that they wish to. Each young person has specified time weekly to upload information and successes they would like to share, this is also integral to the annual review process.

Please see the video below, showing an example of a wiki in use:

Sharing Shane's WikiRix Research and Media





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