Inclusion Art Club : Friday evenings

23rd May 2022

Three young people have started to attend an inclusive art club on Friday evenings with other young people from the local community.

“The Youth Art club has been running for 5 weeks and has had a really positive response from the children and young people attending. It is a small group allowing for a maximum of 8 children and we currently have 6 regularly attending with 50% coming from Bradstow School. The other children attend other mainstream and SEND schools locally in Thanet. We have been using this term to get to know the children, what they respond to and how best to communicate with everyone.

They have explored different resources and techniques. Additionally we were able to enter their first pieces of work to the Turner Contemporary Portfolio competition.

One child for Bradstow has built a friendship with a girl from a different school and they regularly sit together.”

Zoë and Peter Hammond

Inspiration Creative C.I.C.

Company Directors & Creative Arts Practitioners

Art club 23 may 2022

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