Community Council : 25 Feb 2022

25th Feb 2022

We continue to hold termly class and community council meetings, and have currently just held a fantastic community council meeting, the third meeting of the academic year.

Resources have been revised and updated to enable class meetings to be held, and for minutes be taken, either on the class whiteboards, or via a printed handout to enable them to be more inclusive for our young people. The class minutes created which are taken to the community council meetings by the class Community Council representative, are discussed in the meeting so that we are able to share information as a school community, before discussing changes or improvements we could, or would like to make.  During this discussion we also share feedback from previous discussions via the ‘you said we did’ section.

See below for the latest copy of meeting minutes:

Community council minutes 25feb2022 page 1

Community council minutes 25feb2022 page 2

Community Council : 25 Feb 2022 : Gallery

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