Visit To Canterbury Cathedral : 8 July 2019

8th Jul 2019

As part of this term’s SMSC (social, moral, spiritual and cultural education) we have been learning about cultures from around the world.  Our SMSC teacher has been focusing on food, clothes, religion and celebrations from different cultures and encouraging young people to express their feelings about their own cultures.

As a Unicef Rights Respecting School we value every child’s right to be looked after by people who understand and respect their culture. 

As part of this term’s work a small group of young people visited Canterbury Cathedral on 8th July to learn about Christianity and the history of the Cathedral. This was followed by lunch at a local restaurant where they were able to choose food originating from varying cultures including Indian, Chinese, Japanese, English, Italian and American.

The children had a very enjoyable day and learnt lots, experiencing many sensory elements of the Cathedral, having a go of making their own stained glass windows and trying new food together.Click here to view photo gallery

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