School Journey : 17 - 21 June 2019

17th Jun 2019

This year we took 9 students to Thriftwood to camp in tents again for the school journey.

The majority of the students had not been on a residential experience before so it was great that all of them found it successful. 

They once again took part in a range of adventurous activities including but not limited to archery, rifle shooting, rafting and climbing.  We also had an amazing day out in London visiting the London Aquarium and Shrek experience as well as our ritual visit the Cosmo in Romford for a meal out.

Roughly 15 students visited us for the day trip and BBQ, all of which thoroughly enjoyed the day and gives us some ideas of who to try on the journey next year.  

As this is our third year camping in tents, the staff that regularly attend the journey are now more familiar with the set up and expectations, this allowed for the young people to take a more active part in the “housework” or “camp work”.  The young people helped with the cooking, especially the BBQ, keeping the tents in good order, cleaning, washing up and the pack down of the camp.  This combined with the unique experience of camping with our young people creates a very strong sense of community on the journey.

As always when you are living together for 5 days the young people and staff have a different understanding of each other which strengthens the connectivity and helps them achieve more together. This is then brought back to school and helps teach our staff not to have limits to the expectations we have for our young people.

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