MiXiT Workshops and Performances – March 2019

12th Mar 2019

Bradstow School hosted two days of drama workshops culminating in a wonderful performance, lead by MiXit – the world’s first inclusive pop group. We were also lucky enough to see them perform a pop concert for us at the school.

The workshops ran on Tuesday 12th and Wednesday 13th March 2019 at Queens Road Baptist Church in Broadstairs and children and young people from Bradstow were joined by children from St Anthony’s, Laleham Gap and Stone Bay Schools. The workshops revolved around the theme of ‘The Greatest Showman’ and culminated with a performance on the afternoon of 13th March. The greatest showman is known for it’s celebration of inclusivity and Hugh Jackman once said “My characters belief was what makes you different makes you special. You can be discriminated for that but if you own up to it and we start to embrace everybody then it can be what makes life special and fantastic.”

MiXit features members with and without learning disabilities working together and performing. They have attracted audiences from all over the world and are iconic to both people with and without disabilities. MiXiT have not been manufactured out of a music boardroom, but from friendships spanning years. With each member having more than a decade of experience, these talented artists’ fan base grows on a daily basis with audiences being wowed and taking the group to their hearts.

The commitment and hard work over the two days the children and young people had to practice was evident in the end result which was truly fantastic. It was wonderful to see how enthusiastic and professional they were throughout the whole performance, MiXiT made sure to include every one and all the children were completely passionate about performing, making it an incredible experience.

On the evening of 12th March MiXiT performed pop hits for us in the school gym, so that those who were not involved in the workshops could enjoy their music and energy. Children and young people from Bradstow joined in with the performers dancing with them and singing along and created a truly magical experience.

MiXiT have a dream to show that people with and without disabilities can live in harmony; a dream that we share at Bradstow School, and that was shown perfectly in the stunning performance on 13th March. Well done to everyone involved.

Mixit days

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