Enhanced Curriculum

Within the schools curriculum offer are a range of learning opportunities to enhance the whole school curriculum. These opportunities have a key focus in developing core aspects of the preparing for adulthood outcomes as well as developing fundamental communication and social interdependence skills.

The enhanced curriculum offer is also designed to support individualised outcomes identified for young people in a range of contexts. There are a raft of enhanced curriculum opportunities located within the school which are led by key teachers, each opportunity is timetabled for every class as well as opportunities for one to one sessions and smaller groups.


The enhanced curriculum comprises of the following:

Horticulture: A range of seasonal gardening and woodwork learning opportunities are delivered. Children & young people are supported to experience success with varying levels of support to engage with work related learning.

Sensory Integration: There are various learning opportunities throughout the school day which support young people with identified needs in relation to an individualised sensory diet. These opportunities include class or individualised sessions for key areas for development and can be linked to aromatherapy sessions, the sensory room, sensory circuits, rebound therapy and TACPAC. These sessions are all led by the occupational therapist through an assessment and referral process.

Sherborne Developmental Movement: These sessions are designed to develop communication, interdependence , movement, awareness of self and others.

Interactive Story Telling: These sessions are designed to focus on core elements within the English offer with a focus on communication and storytelling. These sessions also focus on engagement and participation in group activities with others.

Physical Activity:  Alongside class PE sessions there are also enhanced opportunities related to Physical exercise. These include offsite swimming sessions, circuit training, community gym and taught sessions related to key sports (such as football, rugby, and athletics). There are also a range of opportunities to be involved in tournaments with other local schools.

Music: There are bespoke music sessions to support young people with communication and core skills as well as develop interests in this area. At present a music teacher coordinates a range of sessions which include a school band, choir and opportunities for learning instruments. There is also music therapy available to young people within the school as part of a therapeutic package where a need is identified.



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