Upper School Curriculum KS4 & KS5

Bradstow School's upper school curriculum offers a progressive school leavers programme throughout the key stages 4 and 5 in order to develop life skills and participation in the community.

Key Stage 4 Curriculum

The key stage 4 curriculum operates on a 2 year rolling programme which is considered to be a transition period between key stage 3 learning and the further education curriculum. Children & young people continue to follow the structure of the National Curriculum with elements of ASDAN’s Transition Challenge embedded within it through a topics based approach. The aims of ASDAN’s transition challenge are to incorporate life skills learning into the National Curriculum with a view to building upon this in key stage 5.  For more information related to ASDAN click here.

Each of the key stage 4 classes follow the same theme using the transition challenge overview to support a thematic approach to learning; by doing this we aim to create a cohesive structure to learning and a sharing of experiences with their peer group. Children & young people also engage in mixed grouping within their key stage and begin to mix with key stage 5 classes for specific activities to gain a flavour of leaning that is to come.

Below is our two year rolling program for KS4 - broken down into 6 terms:

KS4 Curriculum ASDAN: Autumn Y1

KS4 Curriculum ASDAN: Spring Y1

KS4 Curriculum ASDAN: Summer Y1

KS4 Curriculum ASDAN: Autumn Y2

KS4 Curriculum ASDAN: Spring Y2

KS4 Curriculum ASDAN: Summer Y2

Key Stage 5 Curriculum

The key stage 5 curriculum builds upon leaning within key stage 4 through a person centred approach to planning. Children & young people follow the ASDAN Towards Independence modules on a three year rolling programme (See table below) which act as a vehicle to explore life skills, opportunities in the local community and their own interests and motivations. The life skills map gives an overview of learning areas that children & young people in the further education department access throughout their school week (See diagram below).

Young people in key stage 5 also engage in community activities.

16-19 Curriculum Map

For more personalised programmes consider units/programmes below:  

Towards Independence Units:


Going To College Workright
World of Work Bronze/Silver/Gold
Out In The Community


Life Skills Map

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