Parents Group

Parents Group v4

  • Short workshops 30mins - 1 hour
  • Opportunities to be introduced to/meet with key members of staff
  • A family forum


Meetings will take place via Microsoft teams (click the link below to be directed to the install link.)

Microsoft teams logoAlternatively you can join a meeting in your web browser we recommend using Microsoft Edge for this where possible

Request an invitation to the group/meeting:

E-mail to request an invite    or

click here

Standing Meeting Agenda:

1:30pm - Introduction from Penny Doswell (Principal)

1:45pm - Workshop (30min/1hour)

2:15pm - Meet the staff member

2:45pm - Family Forum - with Tracey Kingston (External Agency Liasion Manager) and Penny Doswell (Principal)

3:15pm - Meeting Closes


Meeting Schedule and themes

  • 17th Jan 2023 - Gentle Teaching and Active Support (1 hour) with the Practice Development manager


  • 31st Jan 2023 - Safeguarding (30mins) with the External Agency Liasion Manager and Head of School plus meet/greet with: Head Of School


  • 21st February 2023 - Sensory Integration (30 mins) with Occupational Therapist and Communication (30mins) with Speech And Language Therapy Assistant


  • 7th March 2023 - Makaton (30mins) with Viking Bay Class Teacher plus meet/greet with: Chair of Governors


  • 21st March 2023 - Curiculum and Assessment (45mins) with Head of School plus meet/greet with: Assistant Head Teacher (Upper Sch.) and Assistant Head Teacher (Lower Sch.)


  • 18th April 2023 - A Day in the life of: Home Manager (30 mins) with the Home Managers from Elm and Maple homes plus meet/greet with Head of Residential Services


  • 2nd May 2023 - Toileting  Workshop(1 hour) with Occupational Therapist and Nurse


  • 16th May - MCA Awareness (30mins) with External Agency Liasion Manager and Head Of Residential Services  plus meet/greet with Registered Home Managers from Hawthorn and Rowan Lodges


  • 13th June 2023 - Behaviour Workshop (1hour) with Lead Practitioner and Behaviour Analyst/Positive Behaviour Support Practitioner


  • 27th June 2023 -  The role of the Nursing Services Team with Nurse and Deputy Head of Care plus meet/greet with: Deputy Head of Care


  • 11th July 2023 - Planning for next years parents groups with the External Agency Liasion Manager


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