How We Teach : SMSC and Fundamental British Values

Our Values Statement

We promote ‘British Values’ and spiritual, moral, social and cultural through our whole school ethos and school curriculum.

We recognise our learners development is most successful when our core values are promoted by all staff and our learners are supported holistically.

Our school curriculum has SMSC and fundamental British values embedded within it.


Our British Values


The ability to communicate are a fundamental part of our school curriculum and therapy provision.  We ensure that our learners are given a ‘voice’ through the use of words, objects, photographs, pictures, symbols, touch cues, gestures or body language.

We empower our learners by giving them opportunities to make choices and share their opinions about what is important to them. By valuing our learner’s choices and opinions and by listening and responding we demonstrate that we support democracy and liberty.

We have an active Community Council and ensure that young people have the opportunity throughout the year to reflect on their experience in school through surveys, a suggestion box, keyworking sessions and aspirations day.

Rule Of Law

We involve our learners in setting class charters and support them to make decisions and choices that are positive for our whole school through our community council meetings.

Our learners are supported to learn how to manage their emotions and behaviour in each moment of the day with varying levels of support. All staff are committed to providing a consistent and predictable approach in which our learners feel safe and support our learners to develop ways to keep themselves safe in preparation for adult life. 

Individual Liberty

Our learners are encouraged and supported to become valued citizens and active contributors to their community as independently as possible. We support our learners to develop their understanding of rights; this includes the right to say 'Yes' or 'No' and develop opinions, likes, dislikes and individual interests.

Our learners are actively encouraged to take responsibility for roles within our school. We support our learners to participate in charitable events such as, Red Nose Day/Comic Relief and Children in Need.  We believe that engendering a safe, caring environment nurtures self-esteem and encourages our young people to become valued contributors of their community.

Mutual Respect

We promote our learners inclusion in all learning, activities and settings. Within school our learners work with a range of people; building relationships with others are a fundamental part of our school ethos. Building healthy relationships foster a sense of community, building on developing relationships that are reciprocal, kind and respectful.  

Tolerance Of Different Faiths And Beliefs

Cultural appreciation and development forms part of our curriculum and is embed throughput our curriculum. We place great emphasis on providing encounters and participation in events and celebrations to broaden all learners’ experiences and awareness of others.

Our Assemblies ensure our learners find out about themselves and others. The Themes in our curriculum cover friend, relationships and community and celebrations from a range of faiths and world events.

Our learners experience British Culture through our curriculum, visiting a variety of local places which include taking part in sporting and watching activities, participating in and watching theatre performances and experiences a wide range of cultural opportunities throughout their learning journey at Bradstow.

Our staff team work closely with parents, carers and other professionals to ensure that our learners are happy, well cared for and prepared for adulthood and have the cultural capital they need to live a fulfilling life as part of their community.

Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural (SMSC)

Bradstow School has a strong commitment to SMSC within our school ethos and it is embedded within our curriculum. This integrated approach ensures that aspects of SMSC are considered in all learning opportunities and in a range of contexts.

Spiritual Development

Our learners explore beliefs, feelings and values of others throughout our curriculum. We develop and intentionally teach learning about themselves and the world around them through developing opportunities both in and outside of school.

Moral Development

Our learners are taught to develop their understanding of their own emotions and to keep themselves safe throughout our school curriculum and through individualised approaches.

We teach our learners to consider their own views and develop their ability to assert their views as well as considering the views of others.

Social Development

We develop our learner’s social development by developing functional communication which is specific to each learner. We support our learners to develop their communication and social skills in a range of contexts including our local community.

Our learners have the opportunity to participate in a range of community activities which include employment, enterprise and accessing local facilities such as sports centres and colleges.

Cultural Development

At Bradstow School we appreciate a range of different cultures in the school and further afield as an essential element of their preparation for life in modern Britain.

We value our commonalties and treat one another with mutual respect; fostering a sense of community is at the centre of our school ethos. Our learners engage in a range of artistic, musical, sporting and cultural opportunities.

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