What We Teach : Friends, Relationships and Community

Creative arts

At Bradstow school the creative arts are integral our curriculum offer.

Art, Music, Drama, Dance and Movement form part of our exciting curriculum which prepares our learners for adult life and develops their interests and creativity.

Our facilities and resources include an art room, music room and drama and dance studio with a wide range of resources to support creative and multi-sensory delivery of these sessions.

Specialist teachers within or enhanced curriculum team teach the creative arts and elements of the arts are also delivered in our class sessions to make learning fun and enthuse our learners creativity.

Opportunities for class and small group/ 1:1 sessions are also available to develop our learner’s experiences and development in the creative arts. Throughout our learners school journey opportunities are also developed based on choices and referrals to develop their interests and strengths in the arts further throughout the young persons learning journey at Bradstow.

Young people are able to take part in a variety of creative opportunities outside of the school day which include dramatic and musical performances. The creative arts are also celebrated through performances, Shakespeare in schools and our very own ‘Bradstock’.


Sherborne Developmental Movement

Sherborne develops a broad range of movement and ensures our learners have experiences of moving in different in ways. This includes movement direction, dynamics and space movement qualities which include body awareness, relationship and communication.  

The main principles of Sherborne include awareness of self and others. Our learners also develop their confidence to work with others and build relationships through movement. 

For further information about Sherborne: Sherborne Developmental Movement – The Home of Sherborne Developmental Movement in the UK (sherbornemovementuk.org)

As our learners progress through the school we offer a different range of movement programmes through yoga, pilates, circuit training, aerobics and dance.

Our Sherborne, dance and movement programme has been designed to give our learners the opportunity to develop body mastery, movement qualities and relationships with others. 



Drama is delivered at Bradstow School with the intent to actively involve our learners in their personal development by exploring and making sense of the world in which they live; developing their relationship with others, encouraging communication and social interaction in contextualised and enjoyable sessions.

Each class have timetabled drama sessions which are linked to core learning in PHSE and English. Some more abstract concepts are bought to life through drama; this approach enhances and consolidates learning taking place in the classroom.



At Bradstow School we believe that music is an effective medium for self-expression and for promoting enjoyment and co-operative working together.  

Our learners are encouraged to take part in a range of activities such as playing an instrument, action songs, group pieces, drumming and singing/sign-singing. 

We will also experience a large range of music from different genres, cultures and traditions.

Our Music Curriculum at Bradstow School offers our learners the opportunity to experience a sense of pride and achievement, engage in social interaction and actively participate in a shared attention with others.


Experiential Learning

There are many learning opportunities throughout the week for our learners to be part of their local community ad apply and generalise learning in a range of environments. This includes work experience, physical activities, weekly shopping and café trips and attendance at specific trips/ events.  

Public transport and walking is built into these opportunities to develop independent living skills and ensure that young people are prepared for adult life; having the skills, knowledge and lived experience to navigate our local community safely, build connections with others and to be part of their local community when they leave Bradstow.

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