Statement Of Intent

The Core Principles of Reducing Restrictive Practices at Bradstow School.

  1. We will develop strong leadership and capable environments, competent to support the individual.
  2. Nurturing, teaching and sustaining the experience of connectedness, companionship, and a community of contribution, and achieving real lives for our young people are our primary objectives which are underpinned by our Gentle Teaching ethos and Vision Statement.
  3. Improving quality of life will be the focus of our interventions and improved quality of life is an outcome measure, to this end we will actively involve young people in their planning and interventions.
  4. Primary preparation and prevention, and a planned multi-element approach will shape our support to alter the context in which behaviour occurs.
  5. Staff will understand how they need to interact and behave. And how their behaviour is part of the behavioural paradigm. Staff members will be provided with the necessary support to remain resilient including debriefing and reflective practice.
  6. Changes in behaviour and potential difficulties will be identified early leading to prompt and responsive intervention.
  7. Analysis of data and functional assessment will be used to inform evidence based practice.
  8. Any restrictive practices will be ethical and justifiable; their use will reduce over time. Restrictive Practice Reduction Plans will be used to monitor this reduction.
  9. There will be an organisational approach to governance with accountability at every level.
  10. Performance management reviews for staff at all levels have a key focus to reduce restrictive practice across the Bradstow community.
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