Good Autism Practice

Cost: £75ppAet school programme logo

Duration: 1 day or 4x90minutes.

Course Overview:

The good autism practice training has been designed to support all practitioners working directly with pupils on the autism spectrum in both mainstream and specialist services.  This course will allow you access to the Autism Tools for Teachers which can be downloaded from the AET website, we also offer a brief insight into the Autism Standards and Competencies which will enable schools to meet some Ofsted expectations relating to providing excellent education outcomes for all.  If requested we will also provide a twilight catch-up at a later point to answer follow-up questions or support with creating a school wide action plan. 

Course Outcomes:

The training will:

• Enable practioners to develop their knowledge and understanding of good autism practice.

• Provide guidelines and activities to support practioners to reflect on and improve their own practice.


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