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"Creating a Culture
of Gentleness"


Children & young people at Bradstow School may demonstrate anxiety which may cause them to experience living in their limbic system (fight, fright or freeze modes).  This in turn diverts blood from digestive organs to the skeletal muscles. Anxiety can result in disrupted digestion, increased heart rate and shallower breathing which can provoke further anxiety.


All children & young people have an opportunity to engage in weekly yoga sessions.  A local yoga teacher provides bespoke sessions in order to ensure participation and access to yoga at a child or young person's individual support needs.

Alan Bain from Yoga-Is maintains the central elements of yoga in sessions.  This includes the introduction to the classes through the use of auditory cues, the delivery of yoga poses with levels of support to ensure every child or young person succeeds.  Meditation takes place at the end of each meeting.

Alan plans and evaluates these sessions using key outcomes identified for individual children & young people.

The benefits of yoga for our children & young people are well documented.  See several example links below:

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  2. Yoga generates huge benefits for children with autism
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