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Transition at Bradstow

Bradstow is heavily involved in the transition process for all of our young people. At the annual review when the student is 16 we begin a transition plan which details information related to ‘what life may look like’ for a young person post 19.


The transition process

This is a multi-agency approach whereby students and parents, alongside professionals are gathered to begin deciding outcomes for a young person’s future. As the students move through the school the transition plan becomes more focused, the review at year 14 become very specific and during the transition year a number of processes occur (see flow chart). Bradstow support parents/carers throughout the process and are regularly in contact with social workers and parents/ carers during the transition year to follow up on actions and ensure that transition occurs in the best way possible with the correct amount of support for each young person


Once a placement is identified- the transition

Bradstow arranges for a transition meeting to take place with the new placement, parents/ carers and the social worker. This meeting details the arrangements for the young person which are highly bespoke and individualised to each young person. These approaches include count down visual aids related to a moving date, social stories and a graduated move which enable the young person to settle into their new environment gradually fully supported by Bradstow staff who know each young person very well. The new placement will also visit the young person and work alongside our staff over several weeks to get to know the young person and understand their routines.


Staff at Bradstow are very committed to ensuring that a young person moving on is correctly supported and always volunteer to support our young people with overnight stays and visits to a new placement no matter how far way they are. Once young people have moved on Bradstow makes regular contact during the initial months to secure that all young people continue to settle well. If any difficulties are experienced Bradstow are always on hand to offer support whether this be related to providing further communication aids or behavioural support where necessary. 


The transition process





The perfect transition

Young person A is a young lady who resided at Bradstow for 8 years.  During this time she made significant progress in all elements of her life and built strong relationships with staff that worked closely with her.  Young person A at times could be challenging physically and she was going to find the transition extremely traumatic due to her emotional difficulties that linked to her behaviours as well as her being at Bradstow for such a long time, she also found transitions in and around the school difficult in themselves.

A residential placement with an organisation was identified in Hounslow through the London care partnership.  Both Bradstow and London care partnership met with young person A's mother to plan the transition whilst being sensitive to young person A's needs.

Young person A had 3 weeks of day and night visits from key staff from London care partnership to Bradstow so that she could build up a relationship with these staff.  The key staff saw all parts of her day to day life here to ensure they understood her routines and how to support her effectively.

Young person A had a set moving in date and during the week leading up to the date young person A had a set of 7 social stories which details her move in a gradual way, ensuring that she was able to process the information over the course of a week and that she was not anxious for a long period of time up to the move.  Staff supported Young person A to pack her items away and took her to her new flat.

Young person A was supported by staff from Bradstow over the next 2 weeks, then support that was gradually faded out.  The initial plan was for a period of 3 weeks to be covered but Young person A felt confident enough to suggest that staff did not need to be present any longer as she verbally told us to go back to school!

Regular feedback occurs with London care partnership and Bradstow to ensure that she continues to settle in her new flat.

Here are some pictures of her since she has left enjoying her new environment and continuing to build on all of the activities and skills she was doing at Bradstow. 

Young person A with her new hair!         

YPA24032016.jpg  YPA24032016b.jpgYPA24032016c.jpg

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