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Speech and Language Therapy

Bradstow School has a communication department consisting of the Speech and Language Therapist, Literacy co-ordinator and Communication Facilitators.  Each role within this department is aimed solely to develop the communication skills and learning of the children and young people at Bradstow. Every child or young person at Bradstow is on the Speech and Language Therapy caseload, and has access to the Speech and Language Therapist.


Speech and Language Therapy is provided through a whole school approach and small group sessions. This is provided through indirect intervention and close collaboration with educational and residential staff. The communication team also aims to meet with and provide support and resources for parents for when the young people visit home.


The speech and language therapist works throughout the school year, during the school holidays in addition to term time.  This enables visits to homes and respite provisions where additional support is required.

The communication facilitators are trained regional Makaton tutors who run signing sessions for staff.  They also work in classes and houses in order to provide support in developing the communication skills of the children & young people.  They help to run groups and participate in whole class sessions.  They also make visual resources in order to develop the child or young person’s communication methods for class, home and respite provisions.

The communication team at Bradstow firmly believe that the development of functional communication skills is key.  We aim to teach our children & young people to communicate in socially appropriate ways which replace existing behaviours which they may use as a means of letting us know what they want or need.  We focus on reducing challenging behaviour through increasing communication skills and developing skills in relationship building and positive engagements with staff and peers.  We work closely with all staff groups within the school, including the behaviour team to ensure that our service is joined up and consistent with the rest of the school.

Ofsted Outstanding 2008-2009, BCS, Cache, EFQM, Wandsworth, Sen Specialist Schools, Healthy School, Investors in People | Champion, Silver, iNet, Specialist Schools and Academies Trust
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