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Sensory Integration

Sensory integration is a neurological process where the brain takes in information from the sensory receptors in the body, interprets the information and a plan of action is carried out.

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Sensory integration takes place in “normal development” and is learnt through play and environmental experiences.  Where the child has a disability and/or lack of experience they may have difficulty accessing and interpreting the sensory stimulation. This may affect the way they behave and respond.

There are 7 Sensory Systems – sight, hearing, taste, smell, vestibular (balance and movement) and proprioception (body awareness including deep pressure).

Sensory Dysfunction is where the child is unable to respond correctly to the sensory information – over sensitive, under sensitive or a mixture of both (modulation difficulty).

At Bradstow School there are a number of children with sensory processing difficulties. There is a small Sensory Integration Team (part time Occupational Therapist and two Enhanced Curriculum staff) and the following sensory input is being offered:

  1. A block of individual sensory sessions.
  2. Individual Sensory Diets – individual program of activities and ideas to give sensory day. This can be used at home (at parent’s request) and school.
  3. Advice sensory sessions/activities as part of a classroom programme.
  4. Advice on a sensory environment for both home (at parent’s request) and school 

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