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SMSC Development

SMSC and British Values summer 2017


SMSC stands for spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. All schools in England must show how well their pupils develop in SMSC.

Our vision is that all young people at Bradstow will develop spiritually, morally, socially and culturally during their time with us.

This will be through a wide range of educational and recreational activities as well as through our general ethos of Gentle Teaching and by Respecting the Rights of our young people. SMSC will be touched upon in almost all curriculum areas as well as being taught specifically through lessons and trips with our SMSC lead teacher.

As of November 2014, schools must now promote British values. The advice from the DfE is to do this through SMSC, although Ofsted will assess it through the curriculum too. British Values are supported at Bradstow and taught through everyday interactions, lessons, assemblies and displays around the school.

 Please see if you would like to know more about SMSC.

3 Year Plan 

Year 1


SMSC is touched upon in all curriculum areas and mentioned on daily schedules.

SMSC is taught through discreet sessions and offered to some young people who work in mixed groups differentiated according to their needs.

SMSC activities are recorded using gridmaker (An online tool for tracking and analysing SMSC progress)

Year 2


SMSC continues as above and lessons and plans are shared with all teachers in order for them to teach SMSC more specifically during their sessions.

SMSC activities are recorded using gridmaker with every class recording at least one activity for each subject area each term.

Young people develop deeper and meaningful understanding of spirituality, morality, sociability, and culture and this has a positive effect on their learning and understanding of the world.

Year 3


Continuing as above – SMSC is taught specifically and purposefully during other curriculum areas as well as teachers making use of other resources available to teach this discreetly in their classes. Therefore all young people at Bradstow will have the opportunity to learn more about SMSC and British Values.

SMSC and British Values are linked specifically to other curriculum subjects and subject leaders and aware of this link and promote it within their area.

SMSC activities continue to be recorded effectively using gridmaker.

There is measurable evidence (through results or anecdotally) that young people have made progress in their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. 

Click here to see our SMSC Evidence Plan

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