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The Benefits of Sherborne Developmental Movement

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Sherborne development movement (SDM) has two basic objectives.

The first being Awareness of Self ; this helps the children & young people to learn to understand what is happening to their bodies and how they feel about the experience.  It also helps children & young people to build their self-esteem and self-confidence both physically and emotionally.  It encourages children & young people to learn about working in their personal space and general space.

The second objective is Awareness of Others.  This will help children & young people to learn to move and interact with others while at the same time building up trust when developing relationships.  In also helps children & young people to develop creativity and the skills of having different movement experiences.

(SDM)  gives a wonderful experience that can be used with any child or adult who has any physical or mental disability.  It can also be used in mainstream school and play group to help develop many different areas of development.  


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Benefits of using Sherborne Development Movement:

  • Develops good self esteem,  form positive relationships
  • Improve communication and creativity
  • Learn about expression
  • Develops self-confidence and trust
  • Develops understanding of ourselves and others
  • Challenges thinking skills and problem solving
  • Development movement also helps to develop team building with other staff 













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