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"Creating a Culture
of Gentleness"


Bubble TubeThe sensory room is a great favourite with our children & young people.  Each class has the opportunity to use the room within a group setting for stories which have a link to the curriculum.  We then have individual children & young people that use the room on a 1:1 basis this enables them to focus more on a specific target.

Through a range of activities and interaction with both staff and each other, the children & young people are encouraged to use and develop all five senses.  The children & young people are very relaxed and content, this means they are open to learning and will be more responsive to any new requests we place upon them.

The sensory room is an environment which could be both stimulating and relaxing.  It is important the equipment we use is interactive and has the ‘wow’ factor.  We use bright lights with different settings and audio effects, as the children & young people react to this they can see that they are making the equipment work.  There is also an ultra violet area, which as well as being calming, can focus the children & young people in onto a particular object.Sensory Room

The sensory room can also be easily adapted into a relaxing, calming atmosphere.  We have various zones within the room, a soft area with cosy seating, wall padding and relaxing effects such as a bubble tube and projector lighting.  Each sensory session ends with a period of total relaxation which is so imperative for our children & young people.

The sensory room is popular with many of our children & young people.  Should any parents, family or friends wish to come and take a look, we would be only too pleased to show you.  Just contact us to arrange a visit.

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