Live and Learn

"Creating a Culture
of Gentleness"


Horticulture2.jpgAll children & young people access weekly horticulture sessions.

The autonomy provided in this outdoor environment builds a child or young person's self-esteem and confidence.  Key skills are also developed in a different setting whereby communication, social interaction and participation are throught the sessions.  Children & young people work as part of a team and practice skills of co-operation in maintaining the garderning area. 

A range of seasonal gardening activities are delivered, learning horticultureal skills in context.  Reptitive activities are utilised to ensure children & young people move through steps to experience success at varying levels of support to increase independence.

There are also physical benefits to horticulture.  These benefits include increasing strength and tone of muscles, improving co-ordination, fine and gross motor skills and balance.  Children & young people see benefits in horticulture in relation to maintaining a healthy lifestyle through manual exercise and experiencing fruit and vegetables grow.



This exercise can also relieve anxiety and emotional expression, providing a functional moderating activity for our children & young people.

Working with soil and a variety of opportunities for sensory exploration also supports Bradstow's children & young people in reducing tactile defensiveness and broader experiences of activities they enjoy doing.





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