Live and Learn

"Creating a Culture
of Gentleness"

The School Day

The children and young people are in class between 9:30 am and 3:45 p.m Monday to Friday. During the day the school is divided into eight classes of approximately seven children and young people.  The classes are divided into two departments:

The Lower School (Up to 14 years)

The Upper School (14 – 19 years)


The school day begins with the support staff from the residential homes, accompanying the children and young people to their various classes. Later when the school day has finished they are accompanied back to their residential home by the class staff. To ensure a smooth transition between the school and home environment and vice versa, there is a ‘handover’ when the staff discuss the children and young people’s day, activities, self-care, eating and drinking, along with any other matters relevant to each individual. This is supplemented by the completion of a 2-way book which is used to pass any relevant information between the two environments.


In each class there is a designated teacher who oversees the educational, behavioural and communication provisions for each of their children & young people.  In each class there are up to six Learning Support Assistants (LSAs), as well as LSAs allocated to individual children and young people when extra behavioural support is required.

Both the morning and afternoon sessions in class begin with a ‘Communication’ group. This is the time where the children and young people look at their individual timetables so that they know what they will be doing throughout the day.

Class staff support the children and young people over the lunch time period, both with the eating of the mid-day meal and during the ‘Lunch Clubs’, which are structured leisure activities where individual targets are set to support the children and young people, as appropriate.

Each class has a packed timetable which is heavily differentiated to meet the needs of each child or young person.  There will be opportunities to engage in learning, not only in the classroom, but in the different teaching areas around the school including the sensory room, the cooking room, the allotment, as well as opportunities to access the community.

Ofsted Outstanding 2008-2009, BCS, Cache, EFQM, Wandsworth, Sen Specialist Schools, Healthy School, Investors in People | Champion, Silver, iNet, Specialist Schools and Academies Trust
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