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How to find Bradstow School

Map showing location of Bradstow School

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Directions by Car

From London

Take A2, then M2

From M25

North Cross Queen Elizabeth Bridge (Thurrock Crossing), Leave M25 at Junction 2 Take A2, then M2

From M25

South Leave M25 at Junction 5 Follow M26, then M20 Turn off M20 onto A249 towards Sittingbourne. Turn off A249 onto M2 (Dover)

All routes

At the end of the M2 (Junction 7), ensure that you keep in the right-hand lane and take the A299 (Margate, Ramsgate). This is the new Thanet Way and provides a motorway standard road most of the way to Broadstairs.

The road is uninterrupted dual carriageway for many miles until you reach a series of three roundabouts at approximately mile intervals. Continue straight on at each of these roundabouts, following signs for Ramsgate.

After about another two miles, you will then reach a “double roundabout”. Ignore the signed Broadstairs route (1st exit at first roundabout). Follow the Ramsgate signs – 2nd exit at first roundabout, 1st exit at second roundabout.

At next roundabout, take 2nd exit, signposted A255 Ramsgate Town Centre, St Lawrence.

At next roundabout, take 1st exit, signposted A255 Broadstairs.

Continue to follow this road, carrying straight on at a mini-roundabout and three junctions with traffic lights. Ignore all signs indicating left turns to Broadstairs.

After the third junction with traffic lights the road rises sharply. At the top of the hill, ignore the narrow road to the left before the church. Turn left immediately after the church (Bellevue Road).

You are now on the road on which the school entrance stands, but still more than a mile away. Continue on this road until the road drops quite sharply. At the bottom of the hill there is a sweeping bend to the right. The road then widens and there is a sweeping bend to the left. Almost immediately at the end of this bend, our entrance is on your left. The entrance is narrow; there is a post box in the wall to the left of the entrance and maroon signs either side of the driveway entrance. Please drive slowly up the drive; there is a car park at the top.

If you become lost, please telephone us on 01843 862123. Tell us where you are and we will be happy to give you further directions.

Directions by Train

The quickest services from London to Broadstairs leave from Victoria Station. This service also calls at Bromley South, approximately 15 minutes after leaving Victoria. There are no other stops in the London area, although the train makes regular stops at all the main stations from the Medway Towns to Broadstairs. The journey takes about 1¾ hours.

There is also a service that starts from Charing Cross. This calls at Waterloo East and London Bridge; there are no other stops in the London area. The train then runs fast to Tonbridge and thereafter stops at main stations. This is a longer journey, taking slightly over two hours. However if Charing Cross, Waterloo or London Bridge is more convenient for you, it will probably be a quicker overall journey than if you first go to Victoria. In the off-peak a few of the services from Charing Cross terminate at Ramsgate. It is then probably easier to get a taxi from Ramsgate Station rather than to wait for a connecting train - the taxi will cost about £3.

Services from Victoria

Trains leave from low numbered platforms, i.e. 1 - 7

You need to take the Ramsgate service. Most of the trains split at Faversham; please make sure that you get in the front portion. From Monday to Saturday there are two trains per hour, at 05 and 35 minutes past the hour, although in the late evening this reduces to one train at 05 minutes past. On Sunday the service runs at 05 minutes past the hour all day.

Services from Charing Cross

Trains leave from platform 5 or 6

You need to take the Margate service. These trains normally leave on the hour. Again many of them split at Tonbridge, so please ensure you get in the correct portion of the train (usually the front).

You can check the times of the trains on both lines by ringing National Rail Enquiries on 08457 48 49 50.

Directions from the Station

It is probably easier to take a taxi from the station. The cost will be less than £2. It is not too far to walk but it is quite difficult to explain the directions - the way that locals would walk you will never find.

If you do want to walk it is about 1 mile and will take you 20-30 minutes.

Leave the station and walk along the High Street towards the sea. This is the easy bit; it is downhill all the way. When you get down to the very bottom of the hill the road turns sharply to the left. Leave the road here and walk through the passageway in front of you towards the sea. As soon as you reach the road (Victoria Parade), turn right and walk along the right hand side – there is no pavement on the left. At the end of Victoria Parade you have to do a little zigzag to the right into Westcliff Avenue. At the give-way lines go straight on into Dumpton Park Drive. It is all uphill from here! We are no.34 on the right – the driveway is between the green “Wandsworth School” sign and the red Royal Mail box in the wall. The drive is uphill as well - I bet you wish you had taken a taxi by now.

If you become lost, please telephone us on 01843 862123. Tell us where you are and we will give you further directions.

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Bradstow School
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