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"Creating a Culture
of Gentleness"

Willow Home Activities

Willow Home is located in a spacious, purpose built unit that is all on one level.

Since moving into this home in 2016 it has developed into a safe, happy home that has a real family feel to it in where all the young people have valued roles and responsibilities. During the summer Willow introduced 5 new members into its family and they have been able to settle in very quickly.

8 young people reside in Willow Home 4 of whom have 38 week provision but since summer 2017 now also offers 52 week provision to the other 4 to help develop their skills throughout the year.

We aim to offer a warm, safe, caring and stimulated environment based on family values and the young person`s abilities, where our young people are given the daily support and life-skills required to build positive relationships and guide and develop them towards adulthood and independence.


Life skills

We promote daily life-skills and encourage independence in our young people enabling them to carry out daily tasks such as doing their own laundry, shopping for ingredients for dinner, food preparation, making beds, clearing away after a meal and washing the dishes. The support that the staff offer are carefully catered to each individual to ensure we continue to develop their life skills.



Our young people are encouraged to make choices based on: what meals they would like at the weekend, how they would like their rooms decorated, what they would like to spend their pocket money on and what day trips and activities they would like to do. The young people also have regular home meetings in where they can express their choices regarding day to day life and the home they live in.



We provide a wide range of indoor as well as outdoor on site and off site activities for our young people taking into account their preferences and abilities. The activities that our young people have participated in since September in Willow House are: Swimming, (either in our own onsite pool here at Bradstow or at Tides in Deal), golf, the cinema, arcades, playing on the computer, DVD`s shopping, mini bus trips to local places of interest, parks, bowling, meals out, aromatherapy, the zone and sensory sessions in the sensory room.

Some of our more adventurous young people have recently been canoeing, surfing, extreme trampolining, Diggerland and have braved some very fast and exciting rides at Chessington world of adventures!

One of the favored activities is trips to our local wildlife reserves in where the young people are able to get up close with the animals enjoy long walks around their woodland enclosures.

Parental contact

Parents/Guardians are kept in regular contact with the young people via phone calls/ face time/ skype and letters are sent home each week detailing the progress and what their child/young person has been doing that week and througout the holidays.


The future

We look forward to the future here in Willow House and to continue to nurture our young people and helping them grow towards adulthood and independence.

Ofsted Outstanding 2008-2009, BCS, Cache, EFQM, Wandsworth, Sen Specialist Schools, Healthy School, Investors in People | Champion, Silver, iNet, Specialist Schools and Academies Trust
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