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"Creating a Culture
of Gentleness"

Poplar Home

Poplar House is now entering its second academic year as one of the 7 homes here at Bradstow School. There have been some quite significant changes since last year, most notable the fact that young people from both the 52 and 38 week provisions are now sharing the home. This will enable the 4 young people who are here on a 52 week basis to have more ownership of their home and to have more consistency during the holidays. With this the staff have also changed quite dramatically to reflect the changes to the young people. We currently have 6 X 38 week staff and 11 X 52 week staff who all work together to support the young people.

Our focus is to provide quality care for the young people who reside here supporting them to reach their full potential in terms of social skills, personal care routines and achieving targets. We are encouraging the young people to be as independent as they can be in their lives, and putting emphasis on building strong positive relationships based on value sharing, love and engagement to help achieve this. We are also promoting choice for the young people which means that they will have a say in how the home looks, activities they would like to participate in, meal choices and bedroom decoration.

Moving forward, we would like to create an atmosphere of calm and comfort in the home so that visitors can see the great benefit this has to the young people. We will also be looking to provide some great activities for the young people based on their choices, and I know that there are a few ideas being put forward by the young people already.

I’d like to add that the young people who have moved from other homes into Poplar have settled in well, and have established some great relationships with previously unfamiliar staff and peers. We hope this continues to flourish throughout the year, and I look forward to updating you on progress at the end of the year.

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