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"Creating a Culture
of Gentleness"

Cedar Home Activities

In Cedar House we have the capacity to accommodate up to eight young people ranging from 8-13. All the young people enjoy engaging in a wide range of activities both at Bradstow and out in the community. We currently have 6 young people residing in Cedar House. The young people in Cedar house are fully involved in their day-to-day care and we encourage them to make choices that affect their lives. We promote independence where appropriate and give extra support to those who need it                                                                              .


We have a very lively and fun loving group of young people who love to be kept busy, stimulated and engaged, we try and find as many different ways as possible to entertain, create fun learning opportunities and to explore the local community. Some of our favourite ways of doing this are through; bowling, swimming, walks to the beach (especially when the weather is nice), sessions in our sensory room, arcade visits, shopping trips to Westwood Cross, outings at local parks and aromatherapy sessions. We love going out for dinner together, and have also been to local theatres where we saw Dick Whittington, we have been on trips to Chessington, as well as joining in the community riding bikes at Minnis Bay where we all had an 8 person buggy which was fun and a great team effort.

These activities are a great opportunity to learn social skills whilst having fun. With help and support, we can all do our shopping, spend our pocket money on the things we like, also we go and buy the ingredients we want to cook our dinners at the weekend. The skills we are learning in the community are all working towards are personal development and all the young people in Cedar have a Life Skills Profile so we can show you our progress each Term.


When we are in our house we develop our skills by helping each other and working together to complete domestic tasks and jobs but we make it fun and build relationships whilst we work. Then it’s important to find time to relax and do things we like in our house including games, music, relaxation sessions and arts and craft.











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